SWARCO purchases APT Group of Companies

In a deal signed by SWARCO founder and owner Manfred Swarovski on 7th May 2014, SWARCO purchased 100% of the shares of the APT Group based in Harrow, Middlesex. SWARCO and APT have previously worked successfully together on a number of projects, for example in the parking guidance management of major UK shopping centres, and have proved the advantages of a combined offer to the market.

APT Group comprises APT Security Systems, APT Skidata Ltd, APT Street Services, APT Technologies, SignPost Solutions Ltd and ParkingPal Ltd. SWARCO CEO Cees de Wijs acknowledges the natural fit between the two groups, their products, and their current and prospective target markets:

“We have complementary rather than competing products and solutions, and strong synergies in terms of business ethics, culture and corporate dynamics.”

Dermot Murphy, Chief Executive of the APT Group of Companies, describes the merger as a ‘win win’ for customers:

“Customers will benefit from having an even broader range of products, services and indeed people with whom to work,” he said. “But more than this, the combined resources of both businesses can be focused on researching and developing new products, and bringing those products to market in a more timely fashion in line with customer demands.”