Rejuven8 sign post from SignPost Solutions

Installed in 20 minutes – the new cost saving ‘Rejuven8’ sign post from SignPost Solutions.

Rejuvenate: to restore to former state; make fresh or new again. Apply this description to the new post replacement system from SignPost Solutions and you have ‘Rejuven8’ a method that will significantly reduce time on site, increase safety and drive down costs!

So what is it and how does it work? Alan Nicholas, sales and Marketing Director at SignPost Solutions (SPS) explains; ‘Rejuven8′ was developed, as many innovative ideas often are, by addressing a problem highlighted by a customer. In this instance it was Howard Jones of Enterprise Mouchel in Cornwall who was undertaking a large replacement programme to remove sign posts that were, on the face of it, no longer fit for purpose. However, Howard realised early on that the roots of the posts were still in very good condition and wondered if there was a way to install a new post by re-using this section.

SignPost Solution’s responded to Howard’s query and following discussions with him and the production department at SPS developed a prototype post which was soon named ‘Rejuven8’ because of its restorative properties. The ‘Rejuven8’ post is a very simple but highly effective idea which introduces a welded lower section to the post. The added section which is of reduced diameter fits snugly into the root below ground when the upper section is cut away. The resulting process followed by Howard which was timed at 20 minutes was as follows; 1) Cut back foliage around the old post to locate ground level. 2) Cut off post at ground level using a pipe cutter or similar. 3) Check depth of existing footing and trim end of ‘Rejuven8’ post as necessary. 4) Fill socket to top with rapid set mortar. 5) Insert ‘Rejuven8’ post into socket and check for level. 6) Fit sign plate.

The benefits of using ‘Rejuven8’ are obvious; no stats search, no cat scan, no digging, no spoil to remove, no concrete, reduced traffic management and pedestrian safety barriers and no need to return the next day to fit the sign – with the addition of ‘Signstr8’ technology, ‘Rejuven8’ also delivers total anti sign rotation. With an estimated saving of between 65% and 70% Howard points out that the system clearly embodies the company’s key principal; to be ‘Leaner, Greener, Safer’.

Although originally developed for 76mm and 89mm straight sign posts, ‘Rejuven8’ is currently being trialled for use with lit signs on a wide base post and also lighting columns. ‘Rejuven8’ is one of a number of innovative new products from SPS subject to a patent application and due for launch in 2012-2013.

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