SPS 468 – Coming Soon

New SPS 468 product launch is now immanent

The team at SPS have continued to be very busy behind the scenes and we are all very excited to be launching another brand new product.

The new SPS 468 will be a uniquely designed product aimed at giving a new alternative and choice to clients, installers and maintenance contractors.

The SPS 468 will follow the trend of our other products in our range of enhancing safety to the road user. Reduced installation time,  and  ongoing cost savings on maintenance. It will also be aimed at saving money against alternatives currently available.

The new SPS 468 product range is on target to be available from July 2017.

If you wish to find out more about the SPS 468 please feel free to contact your local area manager or the sales manager, Tim Daly t.daly@signfix.co.uk who will be happy to talk through the product in more detail.

Alternatively full SPS 468 product details will soon be available  on our website.