SPS 468 Chevron used to great effect in Swindon

Our SPS 468 Chevron system used to great effect

Swindon are one of the latest authorities to see the benefits of the SPS 468 Chevron system.  The system itself has been developed to provide a cost effect, easily maintainable, passively safe solution of which is highly visible to the road users, ultimately making the roads safer.

In a recent interview conducted with Swindon the feedback on the product was extremely positive. Find out what was discussed…..

Swindon had various incidents at roundabouts with old steel chevrons being worn out or rusting and the signage didn’t standout and wasn’t highlighting the roundabout on approach. They had the odd incident where people drove straight over the roundabouts.

The Council said,

“With scheme budgets constantly being reduced we are looking for a cost effective product both to install and maintain. Visually the SPS 468 chevron product is very prominent. We looked at various products on the market and thought the SPS 468 overall suited our needs.”

The council went on to say,

“Overall, with the aid of the installation guide the installation of the SPS 468 chevron units went well.”

Reports from road users within Swindon are already coming into the Council. They have said that the product looks very prominent and superior to what was previously used which looked tired and worn out.

Along with all the benefits of upfront and maintenance savings the main priority is to make the roads safer for the road users. In conclusion the council continued to say,

“Since the installation there has been no reports of any incidents on the roundabout schemes justifying their use.”

The SPS 468 has received fantastic feedback from a growing number of authorities, if you are interested in the product please contact us on 0121 506 4770 or read more here.