SPS 3Sixty successfully tested to EN 12767:2007

SignPost Solutions Reflective Self Righting Bollard (RSRB) SPS 3Sixty has been tested to the requirements of EN 12767:2007. This test, taken in conjunction with the nominated speed class test MIRA-14-1204763-001-N0010 conducted at 50m/h resulted in an achieved performance class of NE (Non-energy absorbing) and an Occupant Safety Level of 4 rating 50/NE/4.

The bollard was also assessed against the requirements of BS8442:2006 and found to comply with the requirement details in 14.3.3 High Impact Resistance as summarised below;

1)      Requirement; ‘No portion of the RSRB shall become detached’.  Result; ‘No part detached’

2)      Requirement; ‘The RSRB shall return to ˃ 10% of its height within 15 minutes. Result; Rebounded to 100% in 1.08s