SPS 3Sixty installed at Buckingham Palace

Designed with internal reinforcing struts within a robust body shell and a base constructed out of solid rubber co polymers, the SignPost Solutions 3Sixty reflective bollard was always expected to perform very well and whilst successful in house crash testing at prototype stage also pointed to a solid performer the key to any new product is when it has been out on site in the real world where the hazards of unforgiving traffic soon find out the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

We approached Westminster City Council’s Lighting Manager, Dave Franks and introduced the SignPost Solutions 3Sixty reflective bollard and were given the opportunity to trial the unit in a particularly difficult location outside Buckingham Palace. Mr Franks advised that since the change to the new reflective style of bollards the City had a few locations that would offer a significant challenge to any of these types of product. The SPS 3Sixty bollard was installed in the second week of December into Buckingham Palace Road junction with Palace Street and was fully expected to fail in a very short period of time; a fate that had befallen all other bollards at this particular site.

Some weeks after the Christmas break the site was inspected to determine how it had fared and whilst it showed some severe impact marks it was still standing and performing as required, much to the amazement of Mr Franks who confirmed that

“he was very impressed with how the product had performed and that it was still in good working order.”

By late January it was also established that the bollard has been the longest lasting at that particular site which is testimony to the sturdy innovative design and build quality.