Enterprise RS 65w Solar Sign Light

The New Solar Sign Light Unit…..

The RS 65w solar sign light has been developed off the back of the success of its predecessor.  The unit comes with an industry leading 4 year warranty, a 65 Watt solar panel and advanced controller to name just a few of its key features.

The unit is available in Grey, Black and Galvanised effect ensuring it fits in aesthetically with your current highway furniture. They are delivered from stock, so lead times are dramatically reduced.

More Info

For more information please contact us on: 0121 506 4770

Key Product Features

  • 65w solar panel

    Provides a high charge rate to the battery.

  • 4-year warranty

    The unit comes with a 4 year warranty, ask for warranty document for more details.

  • Comes Pre-wired

    Making it quick and easy to install

  • Wide base may not be required

    Depending on location and size of sign a wide base post may not be required.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Zero operating carbon emissions

  • Low power consumption

    Uses latest LED’s proving low power consumption

  • Uses Enterprise sign light

    The trusted Enterprise sign light is used, see Enterprise page for more details

  • Long life LED’s

    Significantly reduced maintenance costs

  • Range of colours available

    Available in Grey, Black and Galvanised effect, fits aesthetically with current highway furniture.

  • Fast delivery times

    Stocked, ensures quick lead-times


Step 1

Mount the solar unit on the supporting post or adapter

Step 2

Turn the light unit to desired position

Step 3

Tighten grub screws at base of light unit

Step 4

Use a compass, rotate the solar panel to face south

Step 8

Switch the toggle switch on the side of unit to the on position

Step 7

Screw battery housing in to position

Step 6

Connect battery terminals MC4 connectors (Make sure they click in to place) and place battery in to solar housing

Step 5

Tighten screws on outside of solar housing

Important Information

If the product has not been installed within 28 days of purchase charge the battery fully before installation commences.

Ensure the product is not in the shade from tree’s, buildings or the like as this may reduce the light reaching the solar panel and affect the battery life.

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