Replace rusty or damaged signposts on-site in 20 minutes…

…take a look at the benefits of the Rejuven8post replacement system

A new post grown from old foundations

No need to break out existing concrete

No spoil to be removed or taken away

System uses Signstr8™ which also provides a completely anti-rotational sign

Standard sign fixings suitable

Simple, quick and efficient process

Posts meet current standards

Tried and tested materials/installation

Safety increased due to massively reduced site time

Huge cost saving in materials and manpower!


Step 1

Corroded post in need of replacement

Step 2

Cut away old post at ground level using pipe cutter

Step 3

Check depth of remaining footing and trim end of Rejuven8TM post if required

Step 4

Fill socket to top with rapid setting mortar

Step 5

Insert new post into socket and ensure a flush fitting

Step 6

Erect sign on new ‘Rejuven8TM’ post – total time 20 minutes!

Ordering Information

No minimum order, carriage charge may apply.