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CASE STUDY: London Re-signing Project

Signpost Solutions have been manufacturing cantilever sign supports since 1999 when they were chosen for 600 sites on the North West Phase of London re-signing. The scheme, which ran from Wembley to Central London considered cantilevers to be invaluable as many of the sites within the route could not accept two upright sign posts due to restricted pavement width. Since the huge success of the London re-signing project many other City and Borough councils have turned to Signpost Solutions cantilevers to help create space for pedestrians notably; Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan and mostly recently, Chester.

Each cantilever sign support is a bespoke design based upon the sign dimensions/customer requirements and will generate a unique drawing for client approval prior to manufacture. They are ideal for local direction signs but have also been utilised for electronic variable message signs (VMS) within busy city centres primarily for car park guidance and whilst the cantilever design will take account of the weight of the VMS as well as the windage area the same principal design and construction method is used.

CASE STUDY: Chester Re-signs to De-clutter

“A key component in the plan was to utilise cantilever sign supports which helped in delivering space on the pavement without compromising the directional guidance to motorists.”

Chester is a hugely popular city boasting a medieval cathedral, Roman fortress, international racecourse, a world famous zoo and diverse shopping areas including ‘The Rows’. Considered to be one of the UK’s leading city visitor destinations it receives over 9 million day visits and overnight stays per year. To help visitors to the city, Cheshire County Council has just completed the first phase of a programme to enhance signage and visitor information. The existing directional signing on the Inner Ring Road was installed over 20 years ago and whilst they had served the city well they were now in need of updating and in some cases re-positioning to meet the needs of their 120,000 citizens and ever increasing visitor numbers.

The new signage was designed to make more efficient use of the Highway by giving motorists more concise directional information. Amazingly the plans called for a reduction of approximately 50% of the signs which would assist in de-cluttering the footpaths and add to the general aesthetics of the city. A key component in the plan was to utilise cantilever sign supports which helped in delivering space on the pavement without compromising the directional guidance to motorists. Jamie Barron who led the project at Cheshire County Council was very pleased with the final results and commented;

“the scheme called for 76 posts and 80 traffic signs to be taken down and replaced with just 44 new posts, almost half of which were cantilever posts. We worked closely with SignPost Solutions who designed the cantilever structures based upon each location’s specific sign requirements”. The scheme, which was installed by Edmund Nuttall Ltd, began in January 2008 and was completed in stages to keep the disruption to motorists down to a minimum”.

Part funded by City Centre Developments and the Local Transport Plan the scheme came in on budget at approximately £75,000 and has delivered an effective traffic through route with improved access to Wales in one direction and the M53 & M56 motorways in the other.

Cheshire County Council’s next stage will be a new system of variable message car park signs to coincide with the building of new multi-storey car parks. Jamie concludes;

“due to the success of the directional signage, cantilevers will again be considered for the variable message signage as we are aware that they have been used successfully for a similar project in Glasgow”.

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