SignPost Solutions helps Gateshead Council steer a straight path to reducing costs and improving the customer journey

SignPost Solutions, part of the SWARCO Group, is helping a major council in the north east to significantly reduce service and maintenance costs, simplify the procurement process, and improve the customer journey thanks to the installation of innovative Signstr8 anti-rotational sign posts.

The highways design and maintenance team within Gateshead Council have specified Signstr8 for all of its steel post sign installations where strength capacity allows. As opposed to the ‘standard’ round poles, the 76mm diameter steel Signstr8 pole has a 30mm flat face to prevent the sign from being mis-aligned or rotated.

The design avoids the need for costly call-outs to ensure signs are correctly orientated, and helps the council to correctly enforce highways and parking restrictions and prevent unnecessary and costly disputes as the signs are always facing the right way.

Trevor Waggett, Engineering Manager at Gateshead Council, says that the team previously used to purchase two different types of poles (tubular and square) for different applications:

“With Signstr8, however, multiple applications can be accommodated, thus simplifying and streamlining the procurement process, reducing order times and prevent stocking issues,” he explains.

He also approves of the Signstr8 design and performance:

“The design of the posts is aesthetically pleasing, fitting in well with other highways furniture and equipment,” he says. “They also prevent signs from being turned and rotated around, an issue that is expensive and time-consuming to address.”

Matt Wilks, Northern Sales Manager at SignPost Solutions, says that Trevor’s team is pleased with the service levels and product performance:

“Since using Signstr8, the council hasn’t had to go out to a sign installed on Signstr8 to re-orientate it,” he adds. “This means that maintenance crews can be better deployed across their highways network, saving time and money”

The patented Signstr8 anti rotational sign post accepts standard clips, base plates and external caps, and is deemed to comply with relevant passive safety standards, as the moment capacity is significantly lower than that of a standard 89mm x 3.2mm S355 grade steel post. Designed to BS EN 12899 and Precision rolled to EN 10305-3, the posts are available as galvanised (to ISO 1461), PVC coated (grey or black), painted and more recently in aluminum 76mm and 89mm diameters.