Gateshead Signstr8


Signstr8 anti-rotational sign post with 30mm flat face

SignPost Solutions helps provide remarkable reduction in maintenance for Gateshead Council

SignPost Solutions, part of the SWARCO Group, have helped Gateshead Council achieve a significant reduction in roadside maintenance in the past year, enabling precious engineering and maintenance resource to be used more effectively elsewhere on the highway.

Following the introduction of the innovative and durable SignStr8 signposts, Gateshead has seen a huge reduction in call-outs and site visits to re-align signs after adverse weather conditions or acts of vandalism.

Since the introduction of SignStr8 last year, the council has not had to issue a single re-alignment call-out, with the associated reduction in costs.

Stephen Ferriday, Assistant Manager at Gateshead Council, says the impact of SignStr8 signposts has been significant:

“Before the signs were installed, we had to make over 350 re-alignment visits per year, at an average cost of £26 per visit. The huge reduction in call-outs to re-fit or re-align the signs has led to a substantial saving, which crucially means we are able to prioritise maintenance resources in areas where they are needed most.”

The highways design and maintenance team within Gateshead Council specified SignStr8 for all of its steel post sign installations where strength capacity allows. As opposed to the ‘standard’ round poles, the 76mm diameter steel SignStr8 pole has a 30mm flat face to prevent the sign from being misaligned or rotated.

The patented SignStr8 anti-rotational sign post accepts standard clips, base plates and external caps, and complies with the relevant safety standards, as the moment capacity is significantly lower than that of a standard 89mm x 3.2mm S355 grade steel post. Designed to BS EN 12899 and Precision rolled to EN 10305-3, the posts are available as galvanised (to ISO 1461), PVC coated (grey or black), painted and more recently in aluminium 76mm and 89mm diameters.

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The New SPS 468 is Here

NEW SPS 468 is Here

The new SPS 468 Chevron range has now been launched and orders are already starting to come in.

The team at SPS wanted to bring to market something unique and different to what is already available.

The focus, as always, is to deliver a high quality lasting product, one that is safe for the driver if involved in a RTA and one that offers a cost effective solution to the customer.

Once again the team have delivered, ticking all of these boxes.

During design stage we engaged with many of our customers to understand exactly what issues they currently have. We also met with the DFT in London to ensure everything we did would meet current standards and regulations.

The SPS 468 Chevron is installed using a socket system which means if hit, the product can be easily and quickly replaced without having to replace the foundations.

The aluminium SignStr8 posts ensures the Chevron can be angled in the socket to meet the best viewing angle for the driver, and once installed the sign cannot rotate on the post.

The aluminium SignStr8 post is available in both 76mm and 89mm diameter.

Another large project is due to be completed within the next couple of weeks and updates on this will be available.

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