Tamtorque sign fixing clamps have been designed for clamping signs of all types to round, square, hexagonal or any unusual shaped post, giving a quick and reliable fix every time. They are available in seven diameters covering post sizes from 55mm to 340mm diameter without the need to cut the band to size. They do not therefore have sharp edges which can snag or cut and, unlike other banding systems, can be easily reused or readjusted. Tamtorque sign fixing clamps are manufactured from high strength stainless steel and have a hardened tamper resistant screw with a unique recessed seven sided socket. This means that they can only be tightened or released with a special Tamtorque screw bit. An auto locking safety buckle ensures the free end of the band is both safe and tidy. The unique safety buckle was developed especially for Tamtorque and is covered by patents in many countries. European Patent No 0891508. US Patent No 6205624. Other patents are pending.

Key Features

One-man operation
No sharp edges to snag clothes
Fits round, square and hexagonal posts
Ideal for emergency column door replacements
Tamper resistant


Step 1

Thread the band through the channel clamp in the sign and around the post.

Step 2

Screw the band through the housing using a hand or power tool.

Step 3

Push any remaining band into the buckle for a safe, tidy finish.

Step 4

Hold down any excess band while finally tightening.

Step 5

Tamtorque can be released and re-positioned if required.

Product Codes & Specification

Part NumSizeSuitable for post diameters (mm)Box quantity
TTK70P7055 – 7050
TTK100P10070 – 10050
TTK130P130100 – 13050
TTK160P160130 – 16050
TTK190P190130 – 19025
TTK250P250190 – 25025
TTK340P340250 – 34025
Ordering Information

No minimum order, carriage charge may apply.