Banding Tool

Signfix Banding Tools are made from forged alloy steel, zinc plated for full protection against corrosion. The tools are guaranteed against defective workmanship and or materials for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The guarantee is conditional on the tools being well maintained and not abused in any way. The Regular Signfix Banding Tool has a tensioning capability of 2,400lbs and a built-in cutter. Permanent lubrication of the tension screw extends tool life and speed of clamping.

Tension Nut

For use in place of the standard handle in restricted areas

Tension Limiter

Used in place of the standard handle, it allows maximum tension limit to be adjusted.

Each tension limiter is supplied with precise instructions.


For use with Lightweight, Regular Band and Heavy Duty Band

Product Codes & Specification

Part NumDescription
Regular Hand Tool (for banding up to 19mm wide)
Spare Parts
Part NumDescription
Pressure Bearing
RW109Cutter Lever
RW105Cutter Blade
RW101Close Quarter Tension Nut
MW100Heavy Duty Tool for Heavy Duty Banding
MW104Pressure Bearing
Ordering Information

No minimum order, carriage charge may apply.